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Queen's Badge

Undoubtedly, those who put more effort into their Queen's Badge gain the most benefit from completing the award. It is not about just doing the minimum to get by. It is your chance to be inventive and creative and that has to be encouraged.

Take sufficient time over the award, it will take at least 12 months, those who pace the work over a couple of sessions benefit most. You will have many other pressures in your life and your work on the Queen's Badge has to be fitted around your other responsibilities.

Some candidates undertake the Queen's Badge in parallel with the D of E Silver award and the programmes run very much in parallel. If that is possible within your Company then do take the chance.

Lastly, feedback from yourself, your own experiences - successes and failures - could be important for others.

If you are looking for inspiration for interests to pursue or an area of voluntary work, visit DofE where they have a host of ideas.

The BBUK Queen's Badge page has a pdf version of the QB Record Book which you can type into and save as you go along.


Photographs and illustrations can greatly enhance your record book. They can convey a message if you find putting things into words more difficult. Occasionally a local authority will not be keen on you taking photographs of certainly community activities - so always seek permission first.

Remember to include supportive articles you have written or that are related to your service and progress.


Where can your Queen's Badge Lead?
Duke of Edinburgh Award - Gold: This is a valuable and much respected award which you can complete up to the age of 25.