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The Boys Brigade, Glasgow Battalion
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Calendar of Events 2023-24

The ongoing work to the halls at Ibrox Church, where HQ is based, may result in some changes to dates.

We also have a google calendar which is shared and you can add to your own calendar.

September2 Brigade Conference - Glasgow
 3 Brigade Conference Sunday Worship - Glasgow
 9 Skills for Queen's Badge Course No 1
 16 Figure Marching for Leaders - postponed
  Drill for Leaders - postponed
 30 BBUK Monopoly Challenge
October1 Great Scottish Run - Stewarding Opportunities
 7 Juniors Underground Challenge - postponed
 24 Chess
 25 Board Meeting
 28 Anchors Lego Activity Morning
  Juniors Underground Challenge
  Building Your Skills Course No 1
November4 Youth Leader Training Part 1 of 2
 5 Youth Leader Training Part 2 of 2
 11 Juniors Unihoc
 12 Remembrance Sunday
 15 Battalion Council
 18 Skills for Queen's Badge Course No 2
 24 BB Scotland Juniors Science Centre Sleepover
 25 Anchors & Juniors Pantomime
 27 Badminton Championships
December1 Championship Squad Drill Competition
  Premier Squad Drill Competition
 8 Virtual Quiz
  Young Leaders Network Social
 11 Virtual Musician Entries Due
January13 Company Management Training (tbc)
  JS Residential Event
 17 NCO's Drill Competition
 21 Building Your Skills Course No 2
 22 Table Tennis Singles Championships - Company
 27 Juniors Ten Pin Bowling
 28 Skills for Queen's Badge Course No 3
 30 Board Meeting
 31 Table Tennis Singles Championships - Senior
February3 Small Section Ball Games
 17 Anchors Lego Activity Morning
 18 Building Your Skills Course No 3
 20 Battalion Council
 24 Juniors Kurling
 25 Company 5-a-side Football
March2 Cross Country Championships
 3 Seniors 5-a-side Football
 8 Company Drill Competition
  Contest (Limited) Squad Drill Competition
  Small Company (Novice) Drill Competition
 9 Juniors International Team Games
 15 Inter-Company Quiz
 22 Queen's Badge Completion Residential
 23 Queen's Badge Completion Residential
 24 Queen's Badge Completion Residential
April20 Company Softball
May19 CofS General Assembly - Guard of Honour
 28 Board Meeting
June8 Kilbryde Hike
 9 Kilbryde Hike
 20 Battalion Council AGM
 Also in June
 Queen's Badge Certificate Presentation Ceremony
JulyEvents this month
 Battalion Camp (tbc)